Custom Guitars For Sale

We have a bunch of new guitars being built now.  Watch the progress on  FB and Twitter.

Want a data and price sheet?  Fill out your info below and we'll email them to you.

We do not "assemble" guitars, which is to say, we do not order bodies and necks and put a guitar together for you.  Every guitar body is cut from wood in our shop.  Every neck is handcrafted to your specifications to fit perfectly with your guitars body.  Every component of your guitar is created by hand in our shop.  The price?  Still $2000 for the solid body guitars.

Of course, we do offer more options: exotic woods, custom electronics and hardware, custom body shapes.  You can even choose your own wood from our Wood Shed

  Our basic Solid Body electric guitars start at     $1450.  Semi Hollow Body guitars start at  $2450, Hollow Body guitars start at $3250 and  Archtop guitars start at $3750.

It's the dream of every guitar player.  A custom guitar built just for them that embodies everything they want in an instrument.  The perfect pickup combination to get that perfect tone.  The body shape and color to reflect their own unique personality.

most guitar players never seriously consider the possibility of owning such an instrument because of the price.  They may look into ordering a guitar that's "pretty close" to what they want from a guitar manufacture's "Custom Shop" but quickly change their minds when find out the cost.